Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey, so Halloween is tomorrow and I don’t know if any of you are doing anything but if you haven’t got a Halloween costume yet, here are 3 ideas for late minute costumes (sorry, but these are aimed at women):

Angel – so for this look you are going to want to wear either a silver or white dress or top and skirt but you should keep the clothes in a light grey, silver or white colours, for your hair I would wear my hair down either curled, straightened or wavy or you could wear your hair in a complicated up- do e.g. plaits going over the head, for your makeup you should start with the normal base and either do a smoky eye or use some grey or purple shades but try and make the eyeshadow quite bold and then you should add lots of mascara to draw attention to your eyes, I would also wear fake eyelashes with this look but it depends on what you prefer, with this look I would also try and use as many highlighting products on your face to help you have a sort of ‘heavenly look’, for your lips, you should either use a nude lip, a silver lip or a purple or grey look and then you are angelic enough for Halloween.

Doll – so for your clothes you want to choose something from your wardrobe that seems a bit childish e.g. a skater dress with a pattern or a dungaree skirt dress, then for your hair you either want to pull your hair up into two high side ponytails (bunches) or you could plait your hair into two plaits at the sides of your head or you could just leave it down either straightened or with large curls, for your makeup you want to start with just you foundation, concealer and powder as your base and then you want to apply a pigmented blush in a circle on your cheeks, you want to make this as pink as possible and then use an eyeliner to draw three dots in the pink circle of blush, for your eyes draw a white semicircle in white eyeliner to make it look as if your eye is a circle then use the eyeliner to outline the whole of the eye including the white area, next apply mascara just to the top lashes and then use the eyeliner to draw eyelashes from the white and the finally use a pink lipstick to do your lipstick but only fill in the centre of your lips for an oval shape and then you are complete!

Cat – so for this look for your clothes you are going to need a full black outfit with a black top and leggings or something similar and if you are worried you will be cold it would be great to pair this with a black leather jacket, for your hair you could easily either leave it down or wear it up in ponytail or messy bun and finally for you makeup you want to start with you normal base and you want to add a subtle grey either shimmer or matte shadow all over the lid and then just blend a slightly darker grey into the crease and then for eyeliner do I thick line along the lid with a thick flick and use the same eyeliner to draw a small triangle with the point facing upwards on the tip of your nose and then draw three lines on your cheeks, one straight line adjacent to the triangle and one slightly diagonal upwards and one slightly diagonally downwards, then finally use add a red lipstick which isn’t too bright and then you will look like a cat for Halloween!

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you went to Halloween as. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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