Sunday, 6 November 2016

October Favourites

Hey, so unfortunately October is over which means we are edging closer to that holiday that it is a little too early to talk about, anyway as October is over I thought that I would share with you my October favourites:


Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour in Flirtation – so I am a massive fan of Revlon products and I especially love their liquid lipsticks as they are so pigmented and feel not too drying on the lips, I just wish that they would dry a little quicker, but recently I got this new shade which I absolutely love, basically it is this bright peachy deep pink and this I think would just be perfect colour for summer and I can’t wait to use this more.

Maybelline the Nudes Palette – so I have been trying to use as many new eyeshadow palettes recently because I always end up just using the same palette for my eyeshadow look, so I have been trying quite a few new palettes and this is by far my favourite to use, it’s got some great different shadows with amazing pigmentation which overall can help you create a nice bronzy smoky look which is great for the colder parts of the year.

No7 Blusher Brush - I have been using this a lot recently to apply my blusher onto the apples of my cheeks and I really have been loving it, it is so soft on the skin but what I love about this brush is that it picks up the colour really well and applies in an even natural looking way onto the skin but I think that the only think I don’t like about this brush is that I think that you can only get this brush in a set of No7 brushes.

Body, Hair and Skin

Garnier Miscellar cleansing water – so when you have had a long day and it’s been busy and stressful, it’s just the worst when you makeup feels greasy and a little rank on your skin and you just want to clean your skin thoroughly, well at these times instead of doing a full on face wash I love to use this cleansing water and it is so nice to have on the skin and leaves my face feeling so clean and fresh afterwards,

Ciate Mini Nail Varnish in Sass Pot – so this nail varnish is a deep purple colour which I have had for ages but only just started to use, but I just thought that this colour is perfect for autumn and that it would match a lot of the dark lips that I have been wearing recently and I love how it works with this season, what I would say about this nail varnish though is that sometimes when you apply this, to get an opaque colour, you need two or three coats.


Queen – now I have grown up listening to queen and I have always loved their music and I really enjoy listening to it and for me, this is the music that I could and will listen to my entire life but recently it has all I have been listening to and that means that I have been listening to this music my entire life and I have never gotten bored of listening to their music and I don’t think that I ever will and I just wish I could’ve seen them perform live.

TV Show

Don’t trust the B**** in apartment 23 – so recently I found this TV programme on Netflix and I'm not gonna lie I watched the whole programme within two or three days but honestly, I really love this programme, its such a funny programme and it has a lot of real life problems in it which anyone could be related to but I would say that this programme isn’t for younger viewers, it does have some questionable things in it but overall it is awesome.

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you have been loving. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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