Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Blogmas Day 8 - DIY Christmas Gifts

Blogmas Day 8
Hey, so I have been having so much fun making gifts rather than just buying them because I feel like it’s a little more personal so I thought I would share with you some DIY Christmas gifts which aren’t really DIY:

Ingredients or cookies, cakes or hot chocolate where you just have to add the wet ingredients – so basically for this you just have to put all the dry ingredients in a jar and tie a piece of the card to the jar with the ingredients, things that you need to add and what you have to do to the ingredients to make the product, I like to do this for hot chocolate or a festive cake or treat like gingerbread cupcakes.

Making an advent calendar for someone – so for this I make 25 boxes or pouches, I think the bigger the better so you can fit awkwardly shaped things into them, I then fill them depending on the theme of the advent calendar e.g. things like beauty or skincare or treats like chocolate and I also think that it is so fun shopping for all the little bits to go in each box and trying to match them to the person is receiving the gift.

A winter survival kit – so in winter there is a lot of things that everyone needs and just has to have on standby for any winter emergencies, so for this in a pair of slippers, I just put things like tissues, lip balm, hand cream, a scarf, fluffy socks and things like that, that you would need on pretty much an everyday basis in winter, I also love these really useful things because I never remember to buy these things for myself.

A box filled with things that the person you’re making it for loves – I have done this for a few people over the past few Christmases and its really fun so what I do is buy a festive looking box usually from TK Maxx, I then go fill it with things like this persons favourite makeup product, chocolate bar, maybe a book they would like of maybe even a piece of clothing that they would like or a voucher for their favourite clothes shop.

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you are going to give people for Christmas. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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