Sunday, 9 October 2016

Autumn Essentials

Hey, so recently it became autumn and this is most probably my 2nd favourite season of the year and there are some things that in autumn everyone just should have in their bags so here are my autumn essentials:

Lip balm – now to be honest this is an essential with all seasons of the year but it is especially important in winter and autumn when the cold air is especially harsh on your skin and all of your skin is more likely to get really dry and a lot more damaged, so I always try to carry at least the tiniest bit of lip balm or moisturiser with you at all times because you lips and skin could get damaged without constant moisture.

Darker coloured lipstick – so this is just the classic staple for the autumn season and I just love to get adventurous and wear a berry toned purple lipstick in autumn, this is actually one of my favourite things about autumn, getting to wear darker coloured lipstick colours is such a fun thing to do, and although some people can find it hard to apply darker lipsticks if you just use a lip liner first it makes it so much easier.

Some kind of celebration of Halloween – so obviously this doesn’t apply for the whole of autumn but this month is Halloween and as a general rule for me I try to do something to do with Halloween even if it is just watching a scary film in my living room either with a couple of friends or on my own clinging on to a pillow and although it is totally okay to not do anything I much prefer it if I do something otherwise I will just be bored all night.

Umbrella – so I live in the United Kingdom which unfortunately for the majority of the time it is either raining or cloudy so I always try to make sure I’ve got a small easily folded away umbrella either in my pocket or in my bag just in case it starts to rain and although I don’t think that this might not be so helpful in other countries where the weather is better, if you have weather like us it is really useful to have an umbrella just in case.

Pockets – this may seem a bit random but in autumn I always make sure that I am wearing some clothing with pockets, this is because in autumn I find that it is not quite cold enough for gloves but sometimes my hands get cold so having pockets for me just to slip my hands into in case they get cold is great and if I’m not wearing full on gloves that means that I can still use my hands easily, for example if I’m trying to text someone on my phone.

Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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