Sunday, 4 September 2016

August Favourites

Hey, so unfortunately summer is practically over which I am so upset about but its time to move on but I have loved a few things that I’m sharing with you today so enjoy my august favourites:


Rimmel London Match Perfection in 010 Porcelain – so every year for the past three years this foundation has been my summer foundation because of how light it feels on the skin and how it helps the skin have a bright summer glow but because of the dewy look of the foundation and the medium coverage means that I only really like it in the summer as it looks a lot less natural in the winter but for the summer this foundation is perfect for me.

L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Stylo touche de Lumiere in 1 Light – recently I have been loving concealers that work really well to brighten underneath the eyes and although I have never really liked this type of applicator, this concealer works really well to brighten underneath my eyes and what I think is my favourite thing about this concealer is that it feels very light on my skin, overall this is a great quality concealer for underneath the eyes.

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette in All Night Long – now I would just like to say that all the hype about sleek eyeshadows palettes is well deserved, they are all so well pigmented with a creamy feel on the eyelid, the palette includes 12 colours eyeshadows which could all be worn in an everyday context and can make some great eye shadow looks with 2 matte colours and the rest have a shimmer and to be honest it has all the colours that you would need.

Body, Hair and Skin:

Simple Spotless Skin triple action face wash – now I have really badly blemished skin with hyperpigmentation which means I try very hard to improve the condition of my skin so invest in trying lots of different products but I haven’t found a product that works anywhere near as well than this one, I will admit my skin still needs to be improved but at the moment I am feeling a lot more comfortable and confident about my skin and it is because of this product.

The body shop shower cream in chocolate – now I have always loved the products from the body shop and you can see that as I bet most of my favourites include something from the body shop but recently I have been using this shower cream in shower and although it is so moisturising and soft the skin but I think that my favourite thing about this shower cream is the amazing smell of the chocolate scent.

REN Neroli and Grapefruit Hand and Body cream - I have only been using this for a couple weeks and what I love about this moisturiser is that it doesn’t feel too thick or greasy on my body which is a feeling I really hate, and this also smells so gorgeous and leaves the skin smooth and not greasy minutes after application what I would say is this is really hard to find in my area to buy which is so annoying but it’s so great so it’s a small price to pay.


Alarm by Anne Marie – this is a single released by an artist that I think that not many people are aware of which I find really sad as this is becoming one of my new favourites artists, this single has been out for a couple of months now and I think that since then it has been one of my most played songs and I can’t wait to hear more for this artist because they will definitely be at the top of my recently played Spotify list.

TV Show:

Bad Education - so I was always more of an American sitcom person but recently I have gotten way more into British TV programs and I have begun watching this show which is absolutely hilarious where you have an irresponsible teacher who handles a form of 14 to 16 teenagers and there are now three seasons and a film, and this is now become one of my favourite TV shows in a long time.

Random Thing:

Haribo tangfastics – now I know that this is really random which is kind of the point but I do absolutely love them and I know that everyone loves these sweets but I don’t know why but I have really been getting more into these sweets more recently and have really been enjoying on my holiday that I just came back from, I especially love the cherries and the white and green dummies but if you haven’t tried them you should definitely give them a go.

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you have enjoyed august as much as me. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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