Sunday, 24 July 2016

Beauty Summer Essentials

Hey, so the summer and its heat can sometimes get a bit too much, but to help you and your makeup get through, here are my beauty summer essentials:

Primer – now although a lot of people don’t use primer every day, because of my oily skin I find it essential, especially in summer, to help keep my makeup lasting for longer, so primer essentially keeps the makeup which you apply over the primer on for longer, you have both face primer and eye primer (eye primer is for you eyelids for you eyeshadow), and both are essential depending on what makeup you wear, what I would also say is high brand primers usually work better even though drugstore primers can work really well as well for a much cheaper price.

Setting Spray – again, people rarely wear setting spray over their makeup everyday but I tend to because I have long days, oily skin and I wear a lot of makeup so for me, using a setting can really help prolong my makeups wear, I spray my makeup spray over my face lightly on my t-zone where my skin in most oily but you can wear it all over your face, and you apply this after your makeup or after how much makeup that you want to set.. I just think for the summer, you can get sweaty which leaves your skin oily so chances are you makeup won’t last as long but with is it can.

Powder – so this is another thing that prolongs the wear of your makeup but this one, actually the majority of people wear over their makeup, so this may seem absolutely obvious but powder can either be swept onto the face or patted onto the face, so you should apply this after foundation or concealer so set the makeup and allow it last longer, you can also apply it during the day to keep the face from getting too greasy, now realistically I think you should use this everyday but it especially important in the summer, and all powders work both drugstore and high end so you can get goof quality powders for really low prices.

SPF foundation – so for most countries (some of the time in the United Kingdom), there is sun coming out meaning that hopefully we can all get tan but it could also mean that you could get sunburnt, and I think that the worst place to be sunburnt is the face as it is so sensitive already and sun burning would only make it worse, even though most foundations have SPF anyway, it is best to get a foundation with as high of an SPF as possible to protect the skin and the best thing is these are really easy to get hold of as basically every brand, high end and drugstore have SPF foundations but high end tend to have higher better working SPF.

Waterproof mascara – I don’t know if this is just me but my mascara always runs underneath my eyes which makes me look like I am a panda which is not the desired look but this especially gets worse in the summer and I have found there are two ways to solve this problem, one is to powder underneath the eyes and the other is to wear waterproof mascara and to be honest all my mascara runs in the summer and waterproof mascara solves this despite how hard it can sometimes take off and waterproof mascara is so easy to find and most  waterproof mascaras work well.

Oil blotting sheets – so again in the summer, people get sweatier which usually means that their faces get oily and their makeup comes off quicker which again for me is a massive issue in summer, now personally I have only ever used oil blotting sheets a couple of times but every time I have used them they have worked well if you use them before your face gets too oily for them to work well, it is fairly easy to get hold off a mascara which is waterproof from any kind of brand but the problem with waterproof mascaras is they can be quite hard to get off and they usually don’t work as well on the eyelashes.

I hope you enjoyed this, tell me what you have been using this summer. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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