Sunday, 26 June 2016

150 Things to do this Summer

Hey, so summer is officially here and I could not be more excited but for those of you who are stuck on what to do this summer but want to make it unforgettable, I am going to share this list of 150 things that you should do this summer so see if you can complete them all:

·        Take photos in a photo booth with your friends

·        Write messages on balloons and let them go

·        Use a fake name at Starbucks

·        Have a water balloon fight

·        Spend all day at the beach

·        Pull an all nighter

·        Go camping

·        Perform random acts of kindness

·        Make snow cones

·        Eat an ice cream

·        Eat frozen yoghurt

·        Wash a car in your swimsuits

·        Visit a water park

·        Go to a theme park

·        Go to an outdoor concert

·        Have a BBQ

·        Swim in 5 different swimming pools in one day

·        Go on a hike

·        Visit a waterfall

·        Pavement chalk drawing

·        Play mad libs

·        Have a read-a-thon

·        Dance in the rain

·        Build a blanket fort

·        Paint rocks

·        Visit a lake

·        Ride in a boat

·        Watch the sunrise at the beach

·        Go for an early morning stroll on a quiet street

·        Carve your name on a tree

·        Have a silly string fight

·        For one day say yes to everything

·        Swim during night

·        Spend an entire day watching Disney movies

·        Build a rope swing

·        Make smores

·        Grow a frog

·        Make ice cream

·        Make giant bubbles

·        Make a lemonade stand

·        Play minigolf

·        Play rounders (or baseball)

·        Go on a bike ride

·        Have a dance party

·        Re–decorate a room in your house

·        Play homade twister

·        Paper airplane contest

·        Go berry picking

·        Play jump rope

·        Bake and decorate a cake

·        Fly a kite

·        Swap phones with a friend

·        Make dandelion necklaces

·        Pick wild flowers

·        Make playdough

·        Make a band with your friends

·        Visit a museum or gallery

·        Paint a canvas

·        Roll down a hill

·        Play truth or dare

·        Visit a landmark

·        Play in a river

·        Build sandcastles

·        Take part in a scavenger hunt

·        Play charades

·        Learn a magic trick

·        Play tennis

·        Go bowling

·        Have a hula hoop contest

·        Stargaze in the middle of the night

·        Visit the pet store

·        Learn to play an instrument

·        Feed ducks

·        Go on a shopping trip with your friends

·        Play old board games

·        Paint a piece of furniture

·        Go to a festival

·        Light fireworks

·        Leave nice notes on cars

·        Walk around wearing a sign that say free hugs

·        Make a movie commercial

·        Run through a sprinkler

·        Have a sing-a-long session with your friends

·        Have a bean bag toss

·        Go fishing

·        Go to dance lessons

·        Play sand volleyball

·        Make popsicles

·        Plant something

·        Take a day trip

·        Go to a garage sale

·        Play hide and seek

·        Try a new recipe

·        Have a movie night

·        Make a craft from Pinterest

·        Watch funny YouTube videos

·        Go roller skating

·        Go ice skating

·        Have a whipped cream fight

·        Plant a herb garden

·        Go to a carnival

·        Bury a time capsule

·        Have a picnic at the park

·        Go into a city for a day

·        Go on a spontaneous adventure

·        Go to the zoo

·        Go on a nature walk

·        Build a boat

·        Camp out in your back garden

·        Try a new makeup product

·        Bake cookies

·        Paint your nails

·        Buy new music

·        Drive somewhere you have never been before

·        See a movie on the day its released

·        Give someone a hug

·        Do something you usually wouldn’t

·        Get film developed

·        Talk in pig Latin

·        Dress up

·        Got to a fancy dress party

·        Do a Sudoku

·        Wear a crown

·        Play monopoly

·        Learn something new

·        Visit a trampoline park

·        Make a memories album

·        Get a henna tattoo

·        Tie dye something

·        Go on a spontaneous adventure

·        Finger paint a picture

·        Write a book

·        Make a pizza

·        Spend all day at a park

·        Visit a farm

·        Learn origami

·        Go on an obstacle course

·        Mini golf

·        Write a letter to your future self

·        Put Mentos in coke

·        Do hair flips in a pool

·        Burn all your homework in a fire

·        Play messy twister

·        Take underwater pictures

·        Jump in a pool fully clothed

·        Go on a paint slip and slide

·        Give your friends blind makeover

·        Dance in the rain

·        Put glow sticks in a pool and go swimming

·        Let go of a floating lantern

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you achieve everything on the list and let me know if you do. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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