Monday, 4 April 2016

March Favourites

Hey, so as I am currently on holiday and I have been trying tons of new products recently and these are the ones I have found to be my favourites, so here are my March favourites:

-Makeup, these are the products that have permanently stayed in my makeup bag through the past month and I practically use every day as part of my makeup routine:

Collection blush and glow quad – collection is such a good brand for quality products at a low price and this is the perfect product to have a blush, contour and highlight all in one place, the lighter blush and the contour are matte and the highlighter and darker blush have a shimmer, I really recommend this product for anyone on a budget who wants something easy to carry around.

Rimmel London Transparent Brow gel – this allows you to style your eyebrows and after applying product to them, keep them in place and stop them from wearing away, this is a must-have product.

Barry M gelly hi-shine nail varnish in mango – I’m not sure if this counts as makeup but this is a bright orange nail varnish which is the perfect bright colour for summer, this nail polish leaves your nails looking shiny and it barely ever chips.

-Skincare, these are the products which help in the lifelong mission to get perfect clear skin:

DR Spot, spot clearing gel by Soap and Glory – this gel not only cools the area around the blemish but it really clears it up and before getting this product I had no idea soap and glory had a skin care range and now I am extremely excited to try it.

Naked Shampoo by Herbal Essences – this shampoo leaves my hair shinier and feeling more clean and fresh and leaves my hair clean for at least two days and I really enjoy using it because of the way it leaves my hair feeling.

-TV Show, this is, let’s face it, is what I have been binge watching over the past week and never want to end or run out of episodes or never want the movie to stop:

Brooklyn Nine Nine – this is an American TV show which is about detectives, a  sergeant and a captain in the 99 precinct in Brooklyn and although it is a comedy it does have some elements of romance in it but not too much.

-Music, this is what I will be listening to obsessively for the next few weeks and what will be most played on my phone:

Youth by Foxes – despite this song being quite old I really like it and I found not only the lyrics but the beat really good and the singer has an incredible voice and I am really excited to more of her music.

Halo by BeyoncĂ© – okay, so this song is an absolute classic which I am completely obsessed with and I sing in the shower every day, and I’m not sure that I know anyone who doesn’t know the words to this song or love it.

-Random things, this is one of my favourite things but they don’t really fit it any catergory as well its random:

Marble – to be honest I am not entirely sure why but I just love the pattern of marble and the colours of white marble and I am becoming quite obsessed with it and anything that I buy, it is usually marble.

I hope that you enjoyed this and let me know what you have been loving and let me know anything you would like for a future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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