Sunday, 20 March 2016

Things I would tell my younger self

Hey, so we all have those memories of our childhood that just make us cringe so today I thought that I would share with you the things that I would tell my younger self and I hope this is useful to you:

-No matter what happens the chances are that it will get better, I say this because I always thought that if anything bad happened it would be the end of the world but honestly I overreacted over everything when I was younger and I know that if something goes wrong or makes you really upset it can be hard to see that it can get better but if you just imagine how much harder other people’s lives are even if you are in a terrible situation the chances are that someone else in the world is in a worse situation and I always find that that makes me just try and solve whatever had gone wrong or tried to get in a better mood.

-Appreciate what you have more, we’ve all been in that situation where were acting really spoilt and now thinking back on it now I really wish that I hadn’t because honestly I had such an amazing child hood and to be honest I should’ve been a lot more grateful for what I had so childhood Bella be more grateful for what you had okay? because when your older you’re going to regret it and remember like before there will be someone in a worse situation.

-Just because everyone else is doing something does not mean that you have to, this is such a cliché I know and you are all rolling your eyes at the screen because everyone says that but honestly it is completely true and if you did what everyone else was doing all of the time then not only would you be just like everyone else which is boring but your allowing other people’s opinions change you which is not ok.

-Planning helps, so although we all ignore the teachers when they say plan before you do something and yes planning makes things less spontaneous and more boring but in some cases it is worth it and like some things in school they actually prepare you for later life, however don’t take that to mean that you have to plan everything otherwise you will end up spending more time planning things then doing them.

-Allowing yourself to get stressed about something will only make it worse, if your stressed about something don’t just keep thinking about it otherwise that will stay on your mind and the more you think about it, the more stressed you will become and the worse the situation will be and honestly it will start to take over your life and no one needs that so if you get yourself into a stressful situation then don’t panic just try to solve the situation but if you can’t just let it go.

I hope that this helped you and that you enjoyed it. Comment down below if you agree with me or if you disagree or have anything to add. If you enjoyed it then comment, share and follow the post. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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