Sunday, 6 March 2016

My Februrary Favourites

Hey, firstly Happy Mother’s Day and happy St David’s Day for anyone like me who celebrated it but something else that has just popped is that it’s March! That is so surprising to me as it has the exact same weather as January in the UK and because it is now March I will be telling you about all of the favourites things that I have been loving in February, so let’s get into it:

-Makeup, these are all of these favourites which I will keep in my makeup bag and have been wearing on my face every day for practically the whole month or more and I definitely would recommend every single one of these products:

Nars Luminous All Day Foundation – so despite this being slightly on the pricier side at £32 but I saw this on the Nars website and in the hunt to find the perfect foundation for my skin and I got this and I find it the most perfect foundation to apply, it is so smooth and it sets so quickly to ensure that your skin doesn’t look oily or too wet and I really love it.

Real Techniques 301 contour brush – this brush is the perfect shape for contouring which does make sense is it actually for contour, I absolutely love the new bold metals brushes as they are so perfect for what they are made for and last forever and they wash so easily but honestly I adore all the real techniques brushes.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – this mascara is the most lifting mascara and honestly it is the most amazing mascara and it just brings my eyelashes up so much and keeps them long looking all day long and this is genuinely the most amazing mascara I have tried and it lifts the lashes up so well and I completely recommend this to anyone who find it hard to make their eyelashes look bigger.

Maybelline baby skin instant fatigue blur prime – this is an amazing primer especially if you do your makeup in the morning and you always look a bit tired this is amazing as it brightens up the skin, it feels smooths and it helps your makeup I find stay for longer and even if you don’t wear makeup and you look quite tired then this would be great for you too and it is perfect as it is at a drugstore price.

-Skincare, these are all the things that I will use all the time to try and perfect my skin and this is all very important as you will only ever get layer of skin so make peace with it and look after it:

Simple kind to skin micellar cleansing water – this is a really smooth and soft cleansing water which just pulls your makeup away so easily and softly and of course I love simple as there is nothing artificial in anything of simples ranges and I think that it just makes your skin condition so much better.

Body shop seaweed oil-balancing clay mask – so I wanted to try out some new face masks so I went to the body shop and I picked this up and this honestly left my skin so much nicer and softer than it had before and for about a week my skin was in such a better condition and I have now used it three times and I have barely used any of the mask so it will last a really long time and that was £14.

Visibly clear spot stress control daily scrub by Neutrogena – this is exactly what it says it greatly reduces the amount of spots or acne that you have and if you use it every day it really keeps your skin at bay and what I love about this is that the smell is gorgeous, it is so fresh but it’s not too strong and I think that this is quite cheap which is good if you’re on a budget.

-Reading, so this is what I have been reading when I have been travelling or what I have been reading before bed:

Stylist magazine – this magazine is so good it is about literally everything especially beauty, fashion and health and my favourite bit about this magazine is that it is very pro-women and there are lots of articles about women doing well in the world and on top of that this magazine is free so definitely recommend reading this.

-TV Show, this lets face is what I will be watching when I have things to do and I literally will be watching these 24/7, I think that it may be a problem:

Pretty Little Liars – I have loved this show for about a year and a half and I am completely obsessed, I have watched it through about 5 times I once watched all of it in such a short amount of time its worrying and it is this amazing tense show which it’s just perfect and I’m pretty sure everyone would love it.

-Music, this is the music that I will be singing constantly or I will be listening to all the time and I am completely obsessed with:

Work from home by Fifth Harmony – so my friend is obsessed with fifth harmony so when their new song came out about a week ago she was playing it constantly and I absolutely loved it and I have been absolutely obsessed ever since and it is probably my most played song ever because it is playing on my phone non-stop.

-Random Things, I don’t even know I just love this stuff, everybody’s weird ok?

Stationary – I love stationary and honestly take me to a stationary store I will literally stay there for hours and not get bored, stationary makes me so excited I don’t know why I just absolutely love it, yeah pens make me excited, PENS.

I hope that this helped you and that you enjoyed it. If you enjoyed it then comment, share and follow the post. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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