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2016 Favourites

Hey, so I am actually a mix of sad and excited because unfortunately Blogmas is over as well as 2016 but I’m so excited because today I’m going to share with you my 2016 favourites and although I have a feeling this is going to be a long post and probably a little bit repetitive from my past favourites but I’m so excited to write this:


Primer – so to be honest although I don’t use a primer a lot, this was probably one of the easiest to choose so my favourite primer of last year was the Soap and Glory The Fab Pore Oil Control Serum and basically this just leaves a great base for my oily skin that actually feels like it does something good for my skin and I think that it is also great that it keeps all of the makeup matte once it is put on the face which I love.

Foundation – now we all know that I love foundation and I just love putting it on in the morning and I have actually been struggling to decide on my favourite foundation but I have decided that it is the Revlon Colour stay Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin, the reason that I love this is because I feel like it really lasts on the skin for hours looking perfect even in summer and I also love how it doesn’t transfer.

Concealer – so this was one of those products which was so hard to choose and although I’m choosing the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer it was very close with the Collection Lasting Perfection but this is just a little bit of a nice texture and although it has less of coverage it lasts nicely on the skin and is gorgeous for highlighting, overall although it is a little expensive I really think that this is a great concealer.

Powder – so I am guessing that no one will be surprised that my favourite powder of 2016 is the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder which I am sure you are bored of me talking about but this powder to me is a god send, it is such a gorgeous pink toned colour which leaves the skin matte for hours and makes a massive difference in making the makeup last on the skin and as you all know I just love it.

Bronzer – so while planning for this I was going through my whole makeup collection and I found this bronzer which I don’t use nearly enough which is the Body Shop Honey Bronzer, I think the reason I love this is because it is a product that you could use at any time of the year, it’s such a gorgeous not at all orange brown with a slight shimmer which works really well for paler skin and it works quite well as well for contouring.

Blusher – now when it comes to blush I am someone of habit so I basically use only two blushers but something that I have used for the whole year rather than just the past few months is the Max Factor Crème Puff Blush in 10 Nude Mauve which is such a gorgeous nude pink that works really well on the skin looking natural and what I love about it is that it doesn’t look like a Barbie doll fake colour and it doesn’t look like your wearing makeup.

Highlighter – now this was definitely an easy decision to make because practically the only highlighter that I use is the Seventeen Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze but basically to try and not ramble on about this is but basically this just create a really strong highlight on the top of the Cheekbones so if you want something more natural this is not for you but I honestly think that it leaves such  

Face Palette – now I actually really struggled with trying to pick my favourite face palette because to be honest I don’t really use face palettes but I found that I have quite a few so I really should start to use them more and although it was very close to being the hourglass ambient lighting palette but I think that it has to be the Collection Blush and Glow Palette because it is such good value because it has two pretty blushers in it and a really good contour shade and a really bright highlighter, I would definitely recommend this.

Eyeshadow Product – so I’m guessing that it will be no surprise to you that my favourite eye product of 2016 was the Maybelline 24Hr Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze which is just a very popular and very hyped up product but I just think that the colour would look so perfect on any eye colour or skin colour and I just love the formula of this product because it is so comfortable on the eye and goes on so smoothly and I think it is a great investment because they actually last forever.

Eyeshadow Palette – so when it comes to makeup, it my eyeshadow that takes the longest time so this is probably one of the most important things when it comes to my makeup but this year I have found that overall my favourite palette has been the Revolution Ultra Professional Flawless Matte Palette which I know that I talk about a lot but I just love the pigmentation of these colours and I think that it contains all the colours that you would ever need for the crease.

Mascara – so my favourite mascara has changed a lot this year but I narrowed it down to the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara because although I think the Maybelline the falsies mascara was my favourite for the longest period of time but after comparing it to my current favourite, I have found that it can actually be really clumpy sometimes but if you haven’t tried this mascara I recommend this so much especially if you think you usually have flat lashes because this really lifts them up.

Lip Moisturiser – so I am actually proud of myself because I haven’t spoken about this in but I actually really love the Body Shop Lip Roll On in Rose because it leaves my lips really soft for a really long time and I just really love how well my lip product sits on top of this and I actually really love the smell of this but overall this is such a long lasting, moisturising great quality product and I think that I will always repurchase this lip oil.

Lip product – so I was so tempted to put in one of my mac lipsticks but I have found that I don’t use them as much as my other lipsticks despite how much I love them so my favourite this year is the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip colour in Seduction which I think is such a natural nude that lasts for so long which I absolutely love to wear at any time of the year and I just love how comfortable it is to wear on the lips all day.


Cleanser – so if you have not realised by now I have oily skin which means that I get lots of blemishes which I hate but I have found that the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish really helps to not only make the skin clearer and feel a lot cleaner at all times of the day and I have also found that it has made my skin so much softer and this cleanser has also left my skin with a lot less oil which means that my skin looks and feels overall so much better.

Moisturiser – so again with oily skin it is so hard to find a moisturiser that doesn’t make you look like an oil spill but the Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser feels so nice on the skin and doesn’t leave your skin even more oily which I find that some moisturisers do and I actually really love putting this underneath my makeup because it really helps it last all day and I haven’t found a moisturiser which has come anywhere the quality of this moisturiser.

Face Mask – so I love a good face mask in the evening and I really like to try lots of different face masks to try and make my skin a better state but by far the Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Anti Blemish Pore Purifying Clay Mask by Una Brennan which is such a quick and easy face mask that literally takes about 5 minutes and it just makes a huge difference to the quality of your skin and I really recommend not only this product but also the whole brand itself is such a great quality brand that you can get almost everywhere like boots.

Other – so again I love products with tea tree oil because they are just so good for the skin especially if you have blemished skin and a product that is so good that has tea tree oil in it is the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Targeted Blemish Gel but I think although it is so good and it really works what I would say is that it runs out surprisingly quickly and for the product you get I think that the price should be slightly lower but I still really love the product.


Shower Gel – so there is a product that I have always loved and is one of my favourite scents of all time and this is the Soap and Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel and this is just a gorgeous scent and although it is quite a sweet scent I think it is just the perfect level of sweet which just leaves the perfect scent and the shower gel leaves the skin feeling quite moisturised and overall it’s just an amazing shower gel which is such good quality and I really recommend it.

Moisturiser - so again I hate the sensation of wearing moisturiser so I am so particularly picky when it comes to moisturiser and I think that if you hate moisturiser like me then the Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturiser is a great way to avoid the sticky, greasy feeling of moisturiser, basically you spray it on lightly and rub it and it sinks into the skin instantly and it feels so smooth but no disgusting afterwards.


Music – so I am a massive fan of Fifth Harmony and when their new album 7/27 came out last year I just fan-girled over every single song and I just love to listen every single piece of music that they have ever released but this is such a great album and I genuinely think that there is a song for everyone on the whole album and I really like the whole feel of the album and I have like four copies of it and I definitely recommend listening to this if you have a chance.

TV Show – so I love watching TV and I spend too much time watching different TV shows but because of my extreme obsession over the past nearly three years, my favourite TV show just has to be Pretty Little Liars (PLL) and I can’t even explain to you how much I love this TV show and when I watched all the videos of them taking down the sets and things like that I cried so much and especially Shay Mitchell’s PLL Goodbye video (which is so beautiful and heartbreak) and I just love everything to do with PLL so much and I completely recommend it to anyone.

App – so I’m sure that the majority of people have this app but Pinterest is just my favourite social media and I will be on it almost all of the day, isn’t that just slightly sad, but anyway I just love finding new things to become obsessed with and I just love scrolling through Pinterest adding things to all my different boards like my PLL board or my makeup board or my Christmas board which is just my favourite thing to scroll through and I totally recommend it.

Random Thing – so this was hard because I love so many random things but this whole year I have been obsessed with Homeware and to be honest the amount of time and energy that I spend just looking at homeware on the internet but I just love to have fun with getting new homeware and trying to match new homeware to not only my homeware but with my Pinterest boards which let’s face it is quite sad.

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what your 2016 favourites have been and I am sorry that this has been a really long post but I really hope that you have enjoyed it. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. Thats all for now,

Bella xxx

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