Monday, 5 December 2016

Blogmas Day 5 - Gift Ideas (Stocking Fillers)

Blogmas Day 5

Hey, so Christmas is coming and if you don’t know either what to put in someone’s stocking or a smaller present for someone, here are my stocking fillers or smaller gift ideas:

Christmas socks or earmuffs – so we all know that winter and Christmas time is absolutely freezing so why not give someone a way to not only stay warm but to also look festive while doing it, this one is definitely more of a stocking filler, I think that these would be especially good for people who get cold quickly or live in colder areas of the world e.g. I wouldn’t suggest buying these at Christmas if you live in Australia.

Candle – so something else that I deeply love at Christmas is going in to a room where there is a gorgeous smell which just reminds you of Christmas or even winter in general, so I think that getting a Christmas candle for a Christmas present is just completely perfect, I would definitely say that this could work either as a stocking filler or small present for someone depending on the type, size and brand of the candle.

Lush product – so whether it’s a bath bomb, face mask, skincare or anything like that, who doesn’t love a lush product, I feel like lush products could be such an adorable stocking filler that I would absolutely love to get for Christmas, but you could also get a set of bath bombs from anywhere else as well, the only reason that I say lush is because it’s my favourite but I know that some people, although it seems weird to me but some people think it’s too intense.

Smaller eyeshadow palettes – so this is obviously going to be better as a present for someone who has an interest in makeup, especially for someone who wants to broaden their makeup range to make it bigger and better, I think that another thing that would be good for this same idea is maybe a face palette, a beauty advent calendar or a set of makeup, I think that this would be a really great present for someone getting more interested in makeup.

Hot water bottle – so we all know that winter is absolutely freezing, so I absolutely love to get things that help warm me up especially things for the body parts at the ends of your body like your feet, hands and ears, so to help keep your receiver of your present happy, get something to help warm them up because I know I get grumpy when I am cold and Christmas is not a time to be grumpy, even better if it is Christmas themed.

Stationary – so by this I don’t mean a set of bic pens, I mean maybe some art supplies for someone who like art or a nice set of anagrammed notebooks or stationary sets, maybe even a personalised 2017 diary, I think that what’s special about Christmas is giving something to someone that shows that they actually mean something to you and that you know them well and I really love when people put something specialised to you in a present.

Christmas mug – again I have already said it’s good to stay warm in winter, but I think to help stay warm but to also stay in the Christmas mood, a Christmas mug is a great place to make Christmas drinks in or even Christmas mug cakes, I love to put things like cinnamon hot chocolates or eggnog in my mug or for my friends and who doesn’t love to just snuggle up watching TV at Christmas with a nice warm drink in a Christmas mug wearing Christmas socks.

Winter survival kit – so by this I mean all the things that they would need for the upcoming harsh winter, whether Christmas related or not, so by this I mean maybe a lip balm, a few different types of nice creams for various places on your body, maybe a moisturising face mark, I think I am going to do a post on winter essentials so you could also use that and I also think that I may have done a post on that before so check that out.

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you’re getting your friends or family for Christmas. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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