Sunday, 11 December 2016

Blogmas Day 11 - My Favourtie Things about Christmas

Blogmas Day 11

Hey, so there are so many things I love about Christmas but I thought that I would share with you my favourite things about Christmas because I think it would be fun and it’s just something really positive:

Christmas Dinner – so who doesn’t love having your Christmas meal with all your friends and family while you listen to your favourite tunes as you tell each other stupid bad Christmas jokes wearing paper hats that you got out of Christmas crackers, I think the reason I love Christmas dinner so much is that it reminds me of my childhood and every Christmas day that I had a kid and all the Christmas dinner I had as a kid with my family.

Watching Christmas Movies and Listening to Christmas Songs – who doesn’t love getting into the Christmas spirit sitting on the sofa snuggled under a blanket watching a Christmas movie or listening to Christmas songs while wrapping presents or trying to get some work done, I also just love doing these things to get me into the Christmassy mood and by this I mean the classics like elf or a Christmas carol.

Relaxing – so I don’t know why but at Christmas I feel like you can relax a lot more and this is definitely my favourite part of the year because who doesn’t love to relax, so relaxing for me includes having lots of baths with lots of lush products, burning lots of candles and doing lots of face masks and watching lots of movies and I love watching Christmas movies especially with my friends while drinking a hot chocolate.

Opening advent calendars – I just love remembering opening my advent calendar filled with chocolate as a kid and I remember wanting to open it as soon as I got home to see what the little message inside and now I am still obsessed with them, it has gotten to the point where I now make some of my closest friends and even my siblings advent calendars and I am really excited for opening mine this year especially my beauty ones.

Buying gifts for people – know a lot of people may think that I am just saying this for show but I genuinely enjoy planning in advance something to get for each of my friends and for each of the members of my family and I just love trying to think of the perfect present for each person that will suit them and it’s also an excuse for me to go out shopping with my friends and get a Christmas themed coffee and who doesn’t love that.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you love about Christmas. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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