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Blogmas Day 1 - November Favourties

Blogmas Day 1

Hey, so welcome to a full month of posts and the one year anniversary of the first post on this blog so let’s jump right in with the things that I have been loving this November:


Mac Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy – now this is my second ever mac lipstick and I know for a really long time this was one of those things that everyone wanted to buy but I bought it because I thought that it is such a good colour for school and I truly think that it is such a gorgeous nude colour which you could wear with practically any makeup look or outfit but I have really been loving it and I have been wearing it practically every day for weeks.

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in 25 Orange Shot – so I have absolutely been loving these matte lipsticks, the formulation is so amazing and the staying power is seriously incredible, the colour is also insanely intense but I wish that they would dry quicker but I absolutely love this colour, it is an orange toned red which although would be perfect for summer, I thought that it would be a nice red for the Christmas season.

Eyelure Fleur De Force Lashes in Simply Fleur – so I have never really been a lashes person but I have been trying more out recently and I have found these are insanely easy to put on especially for a begin like me and they feel comfortable and lightweight to wear on the eyes which is hard to find when it comes to lashes and what I also think is great about these lashes is that they look natural.

Body, Hair and Skin:

Bio Oil – so I have hyperpigmentation on my skin which means that I really struggle to have the scars from old blemishes to fade but this is made to help scars fade which helps my skin look so much better, I also think that this would be great to help moisturise your skin if you have dry skin but it does take a lot of patience to wait for the improvements to be made, and I also really hate the way it feels on the skin but it really does work well so who can complain.

Freederm Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes – so I know that makeup wipes are such a bad idea to try and cleanse your face but they are just so useful to have around to wipe off your makeup before you cleanse or to clean your makeup products, I also just love freederm products as they are so good for skincare especially if you have a lot of blemishes so I would definitely recommend these products if you have problems with my skin like you.


Michael Buble Christmas Album – ok so I think that it is time to start just listening to Christmas music and I think if you only want to have one album to listen to all Christmas then I definitely recommend this one, it has loads of the classic Christmas songs and although it doesn’t have absolutely everything, the songs it does have get your so excited for Christmas and of course, who doesn’t love a bit of Buble?

TV Shows:

X factor – wow, this is the best time of the year for good television in the UK and a show that I feel like I have watched for around seven years now is definitely one of those TV shows that I will never stop watching, I don’t really know what to say about this one, I love this show and I have for a really long time and to be honest I’m not really sure why I love it so much but I just do, it’s funny, it’s adorable and touching and honestly I think that if you watch it you will understand.

Great British Bake Off – so another thing that I watch every year but I haven’t been watching for quite as many years, maybe only two, three or possibly four, but anyway I do love this program because not only do I love to bake, but I also love how British it is with the humour, the people and of course Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry but I am so upset they are moving from BBC to ITV because I’m worried that it won’t be the same.

The Apprentice – so again this is a very British program again about a quite famous successful businessman in the UK called Lord Alan Sugar who is, I am going to admit a bit of a savage when it comes to how he fires people but that’s all part of the fun, basically he narrows down 12 candidates doing tasks until he has a future business partner and it’s like a business version of the x factor so I obviously love it, I would definitely recommend this.


Sleepfulness – so none of you will know this but I have quite bad insomnia and I find it extremely hard to relax so I have been trying lots of different apps to help me not only sleep better but help relax and this is definitely the best one I have tried so far, and my sleep has definitely improved recently and if you have the same problem as me I would try this app, let me know if you would like me to let you know any other apps I have been loving or if you want me to do a separate post on these things.


Nikkie Tutorials – I have been watching this youtuber for a really long time and I think that despite the fact that she is absolutely incredible at doing makeup and she looks so pretty with and without makeup but I love how happy she is and I just love her vibe and I love it when she says hello to her cheekbones when she highlights, basically I just really love everything about her and her videos and I think that loads more people should watch her.

Random thing:

Tesco White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookies – so I recently got these because I love the flavours of both white chocolate and raspberry and I have always thought they are such a good pairing so I bought these and I think these are now my new favourite guilty snack to eat while I am reading in the afternoon sitting on my sofa with a hot chocolate in my hand, they are also such great value and easy to get hold off definitely try them!

Pumpkin Spiced Latte – so yes I know that this is more of a October drink but I actually forgot to put it in my October favourites which I think is entirely insane especially because this is genuinely my favourite type of coffee and possibly my overall favourite drink and it kind of hurts that it is only around in Autumn but if you have never had one you should if you still can because honestly this is so dramatic but I think that it changed my life.

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you have been loving. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx

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