Sunday, 29 May 2016

What Makeup Brushes I use

Hey, so I have tried a lot of makeup brushes in the past and I have found some brushes that I love to use for my face so I thought I would share with you my everyday brushes and what I use them for:


No7 concealer brush – so this is a small flat brush, I use this to blend in my concealer and to mix my lightening drops in with my foundation to make it the right colour, this brush works well with the skin and washes well and every time it is washed it ends up brand new afterwards.

Real Techniques Expert face brush – this brush is quite small which buffs the foundation into the skin leaving a nice finish and a good coverage which I use for foundation, I actually have two of these because I love them so much and you will notice I love the real techniques because they last.

Real Techniques Powder brush – this is a large puffy brush which perfectly picks up the powder and adds a look on the face which means that your face will look less oily, this brush also is really easy to deep clean but the powder is still soft no matter how many times I wash it.

Eyes and Eyebrows:

Real Techniques base shadow brush – this is a small soft brush with quite largely spaced out hairs, this really picks up all the eyeshadow and packs it on the eyelid to ensure maximum pigmentation and colour to have the best eye shadow look.

Real Techniques angled shadow brush – this brush angled fluffy crease brush that like the base shadow brush is extremely soft and applies maximum pigmentation to the eyelid, this brush is perfect for adding a darker shade into the crease, it also allows the eyeshadow to be blended well and easily.

Real Techniques eyeliner brush – this is a tiny little angle brush with hairs which stay in place meaning that it is perfect for gel or liquid liner and I although I don’t use liner very often because of the size of the brush it makes it a lot easier to perfect it.

Seventeen Eyes brush – I use this for filling in my eyebrows with powder, the brush is a sharply angled flat brush that is a perfect size for filling in my eyebrows and perfectly fills in any of the gaps in the hairs covered looking completely natural and thick.

Adding shape to the face:

Real Techniques Duo-Fiber brush – this brush has quite long bristles that are so soft, this allows such a light subtle application of bronzer, I find this makes it a lot easier to make the added bronze subtle and not over the top, this is such a soft brush that is so easy to wash and blend with but it’s not great for contour.

Real Techniques Cheek brush – this brush has medium sized bristles that a super soft, this brush fits perfectly on the apples of my cheeks and blends my blusher really well into the skin, the only this that I don’t like about this brush is that when I wash it I find it hard to get it back to normal shape.

Real Techniques 301 contour brush – this brush is a brush with a rectangular shape with a thin depth with extremely short bristles, I absolutely love this brush as it allows such an amazing precise contour that can be easily blended out to give you cheekbone goals.

Ecotools Mattifying Finish brush – this is a soft slightly fluffy but mostly flat brush that is shaped in a fan shape, this allows a light dusting of a highlighter which allows the top of the cheekbones to be highlighted in a precise manner and it helps leaves the face look bright.

I hope that you enjoyed this, and don’t forget to share this or like it, see you soon. Let me know of anything you would like me to talk about in another future post. That’s all for now,

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