Sunday, 7 February 2016

New Look Lipstick review

Hey, so recently I have been trying out new lipsticks and I found I thought that I would do a lipstick review on one of the new ones that I have tried:

New Look pure colour matte lipstick – These lipsticks are so easy to put on and leave a great matte finish which is my favourite type of lipstick, the lipsticks are also really long lasting and quire pigmented and another great thing about them is that they are really great value at a really cheap price.  My favourite colours are mink which is a very light nude colour which I wear all the time and the colour burgundy which is a dark red. .I also know that there are lipstick crayons which I really want to try so if any of you have tried them let me know.

I hope you enjoyed my lipstick review , if you know of any other ideas that people could use then please feel free to leave them in the comments below, come back Friday for another post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx