Sunday, 21 February 2016

How to survive a cold

Hey, so recently I have not been feeling well and have had a massive cold and I have been feeling really sorry for myself so for anyone else out there who is under the weather here are my tips on how to survive a cold:

Everyday tasks:

-Sleep as much as you can so that you can give your body a chance to heal overnight to try and help itself get better also sleep really helps you to relax which is important when you are ill.

-Drink as many liquids as you to keep hydrating your body to feed it to keep your energy up which will not only help you get better quicker but help you feel a lot better especially if you’re not eating.

-Keep tissues around you at all times so if needs be then you can just quickly lean and get one, this also helps to keep your nasal passages free to make it easier for you to breathe and that always make me feel better.

-Surround yourself with as many pillows, cushions, blankets and duvets as possible to keep you warm and to be honest you doesn’t like lying in bed all cosy and warm surrounded my soft, warm and comfy materials.

Makeup tips:

-Although I try to avoid wearing makeup when I am ill sometimes you just have to but if you do wear makeup make sure that it is minimal makeup.

-Another thing to remember is to moisturise your skin and if you can wearing a bb cream or a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation and concealer that is a lot better for your skin.

-Something else you need to be wary of is that usually when you are ill your eyes are quite sore and you should not wear too much makeup on your eyes so if you can only wear one product on your eyes.

-Somewhere we all know that gets very dry is your lips and it is so important to moisturise your lips also I think that this always makes me feel so much better.

Handbag essentials:

-Tissues, these are possibly the most needed and useful things to have with you especially when you are ill, make sure that you have plenty in either your bag or pockets.

-Now when you have a blocked or runny nose we are so lucky to have nasal inhalers, these are the most wonderful things in the world, healing your nose in a maximum of 10 minutes.

-Something which is also very important to help keep your body hydrated is having lots of water to carry around in your bag, although heavy it actually does a whole world of good for you and I find that it is definitely worth it.

-Something that I always find is a must have for your handbag at all times is a moisturiser just to firstly may yours hands feel a lot softer and secondly to keep your hands moisturised and feeling a lot healthier.

-A saviour at all times of the year for me is a lip balm not only does this help heal any sore lips but it also helps make me feel a lot better when my lips feel moisturised and it is important that if you wear lots of lip products that you keep your lips moisturised.

-Something else which can be extremely helpful is a hand gel to cleanse your hands after maybe touching an infected tissue or sneezing and it always helps to feel a little bit cleaner.

I that this helped you and that you enjoyed it, don’t forget to share or follow it you like it and come back next week for another post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx 

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