Saturday, 23 January 2016

My Room Decoration Ideas

Hey, so with Christmas over we have had to take all our Christmas decorations so I don’t know about you but my room looks a bit empty these days so here is a list of things that you can use to make your room a bit fuller:

-Despite fairy lights being slightly Christmassy but I really think that fairy lights are a great touch to a room all year especially lots of strings of lights at night and it’s always a great to have shapes on the lights to go with your room.

-Framed Pictures are a great way to remember great times to keep you happy, you can either can have one in each frame or you can have multiple in one frame with some decorative pieces to go with the memory, I always think that they are great to look back on when you’re not in the best mood.

-So we all know that I have a slight obsession but a group of candles, scented or unscented can really pull areas of a room together, I always find that if they are arranged in a group, whether in a lantern or not, they will look better than just one on its own, another tip is that bare candles can look better than ones is glass jars.

-Something practical you can add is a clock, this may sound boring but you can get some cool, vintage or unusually shaped ones, they can be quite expensive if you want a certain type, but if you’re willing to pay you can get a clock that fits perfectly with the design of the room.

-So something else that could make you feel a little happier is some of your favourite quotes framed on your wall, possible near some of your photos, this means that you can have something inspiring that means something special to you and that relates to you.

-Fake or real flowers can really make a room feel brighter and if the flowers are fake then you can put fairy lights in them, something else to make note of is flowers look best on a white background but make sure that your vase for your flowers matches the surrounding area.

-Be sure to ensure maximum comfort by layering every part of your room in cushions and pillows in all different colours, patterns, shapes, sizes, designs and materials, for a great range of not too expensive cushions I like to go to tkmaxx.

-Photo Scrapbooks are another great way to store memories which you look back at with your friend’s years later, you can add to them and even have a bookcase full of photo scrapbooks, and this can really make your home more personal, you can also get some great designs of scrapbooks.

I hope you enjoyed my room decoration ideas, if you know of any other ideas that people could use then please feel free to leave them in the comments below, come back tomorrow for another post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx