Sunday, 6 December 2015

Winter Beauty Essentials

Hey so because I couldn’t include everything in my first winter essentials lights, I decided to write a different one for just the beauty essentials which are so important to try and protect your skin from the harmful cold air which can be really drying, so to try and prevent the here are my winter beauty essentials:

-Hand cream is a must to try and keep your hands as moisturised as possible which can be extremely hard but the best thing to do for your hands is to get a really thick and really moisturising hand cream which is really easy to carry around with you.

- So every winter two things happen to me, I get a cold and I get really dry lips so it is so important to have a lip balm in your pocket to protect your lips because not only is it really painful but it doesn’t look nice and sometimes it can damage your lips long time so remember to top up as often as you can.

-So for the festive season, the only lipstick you can wear on Christmas day or wear to a Christmas party is red lipstick to go with the festive colours however instead of a lipstick you can use a tinted lip balm or you can use a lip stain or lip pencil which will last a lot longer.

-Although one of my most hated chores is moisturising, a good body moisturiser, if you don’t like the sticky feel of a moisturiser, don’t skip it, when I feel like that I always use the Vaseline spray and go moisturiser which is really easy to use in the morning when you are in a rush.

-Something which are good for repairing skin are face masks, they can also protect skin for the cold and stop it from becoming dry, also with self-heating face masks then you can keep warm while doing your skin a lot of good.

-Long baths are good for lowering the levels of stress that come with Christmas and they are very relaxing also add some bath bombs for an extra relaxing and special baths.

-Massages are also really good for decreasing stress levels and to stop having muscle ache and it’s good to get some you time once in a while and if not now at the most wonderful time of the year then when.

- A body scrub is good for exfoliating away the dry skin caused by the cold air damaging your skin, exfoliating is extremely good for the skin and it is good for long term protection of the skin.

-In the drying cold, your face is constantly exposed to the cold air, something really important is a face moisturiser which protects your face from the cold and maintains a good base for putting makeup on.

-I always find that in the winter a fresh gel face cleanser keeps you feeling fresh despite the constant cosy feel and I feel gel cleansers are a lot kinder to skin and leaves the skin feeling a lot softer than any other cleansers and this is especially important in the winter time.

I hope you enjoyed my winter beauty essentials for you to use and enjoy, if you know of any others that people could use then please feel free to leave them in the comments below, come back tomorrow for another post. That's all for now,

Bella xxx