Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey, so if you are stuck on what to buy people for Christmas, here is a few ideas of what you could buy your friends:

- A bath bomb set is perfect for someone who enjoys baths and likes to relax and these sets have a range of prices from low to high depending on how many you would like and from what standard you want them to be, a great site for bath bombs is lush.

-Makeup palettes are great for someone who likes make up and wants to expand their collection, I always buy my makeup palettes from Superdrug as they probably will cheaper than boots but for the higher priced palettes I order off feel unique. These can range from low prices to high depending on the brand.

-Toiletries set are a great way to introduce people to a great brand and to try a range of products from the same brand, I usually buy my toiletries sets from Tkmaxx as you can get usually expensive products for lower prices and they have a great range of great products.

-Face masks are a great way to help your friends rejuvenate their skin for the New Year and you can also buy them a skin helping set to give you a chance to have a girl’s night in or relaxation night. I usually buy these at boots or, the more expensive brands at Tkmaxx, these usually range from extremely cheap to moderately expensive.

-Manicure sets are good to give somebody something that they usually won’t buy themselves, these can also contribute to the girl’s night in, they are also are great stocking fillers and they can come with everlasting nail files, these can range from low priced to quite expensive.

-Massage voucher so that they can get some stress relief after the stress of Christmas and New Year and to make them a lot happier, these can range from medium prices to high prices depending on what comes with the massage, how long it lasts and where it is.

-A good perfume could be really good for introducing someone to a good brand and a good scent that you enjoy, I usually buy my good perfumes from boots, Superdrug or the perfume shop and these usually are quite expensive if you buy expensive brands but they are usually really good quality and scents.

-A makeup brush set is a great way to refresh somebody’s makeup selection or to help someone who wants to get into makeup then a makeup brush set can be really helpful, these can range from low price or expensive but I would recommend buying good quality brushes once rather than buying cheap brushes which you have to constantly keep on buying because they are poor quality. I buy my brush sets from Tkmaxx because you can get good brands like Real Techniques for less expensive prices.

-I find that a candle set is a great way to get a friend or family member excited about a certain scent or brand which you think that they will like and they can range from small candles quite cheap to expensive depending on the casing if there is any and what the brand is, I also usually buy these at Tkmaxx.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift ideas, I will leave the links for all the websites mentioned below, if you know of any other ideas that people could use then please feel free to leave them in the comments below, come back tomorrow for another post. That’s all for now,

Bella xxx


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